German team wins “World Cup Of totobet hongkong”

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As only the second European team, Germany secured itself on January 7th. the “World Cup Of totobet hongkong” at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Poker stars like Daniel Negreanu (Canada) were also part of the party, but he and his team dropped out in ninth place and therefore last. In the heads-up, the Germans prevailed against New Zealand.

Unfortunately, Daniel Negreanu had to settle for last place today © flickr / waldo483The German team with Malte Strothmann, Georg Geissler, Peter Schmidt, Bastian Wulff and Captain Jan Heitmann became the second European team (after Poland in 2006) to secure victory in the “World Cup Of Poker” and kept up the showdown with other poker stars from all over the world world ahead. Malte Strothmann, who actually only played as a substitute, played particularly well. He almost single-handedly knocked out the Poles and the English, getting lucky on both occasions with an ace on the turn.

A total of 16 hours was played before the decision was made. The Canadians around captain Daniel Negreanu were the first to drop out. KidPoker lost with king, queen against ace, king of New Zealand. The Latvians came eighth, the Mexicans seventh. Continue reading “

I find it very difficult not to be able to show your emotions . I’ve also been told that I have absolutely no poker face. I don’t know if I have to be sad about that. Of course, in professional life it is usually better if you have your facial expressions under control, especially when there is trouble.

It also doesn’t do well when tears come to your eyes, which can also happen quickly out of anger. The only thing that really helps is to take a deep breath, swallow what you think and try to remain objective. You try to smile no matter what. Even if that smile is likely to be a bit crooked, it’s better than having anger literally written all over your face. the emotionsshould be suppressed in public until you are alone. If you’re alone, you should vent the pent-up anger by either running around the block at a brisk pace, banging on the table, or maybe even yelling out your frustration. In my opinion, it is very important to let emotions out, whether negative or positive, because only then can you clear your head enough to be able to control your emotions at all.

Because if you eat everything into yourself, at some point you will be dominated by emotions and not the other way around. But you shouldn’t act completely without emotion either. Showing feelings in certain situations makes you human and personable.


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